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bella terrazza vineyardsOur vineyards came about from a seed being planted. But interestingly enough, vineyards aren't planted from seeds. This particular seed was planted in a young man taking a fruit science class at Cal-Poly San Luis Obispo over 30 years ago. A class where winegrape growing was discussed and where at that time the California wine industry was evolving into what it is today. The seed in question lay dormant as many seeds do until the conditions were right. The right site, the right climate, the right opportunity, and the right time of life. Now years later that same excitement felt in California is happening here in Washington State, in the city of Wenatchee, the heart of Chelan County!

Bella Terrazza Vineyards™ surrounds its sister, Sleepy Hollow Nursery™; both taking advantage of the south-southwest facing terrace perched above the Sleepy Hollow area of the Wenatchee River Valley just west of Wenatchee. vineyards_photo_2.jpgCabernet Franc, Sangiovese, Syrah and Riesling varietals blanket the steeply terraced hillsides around our quiet, secluded plateau. On the flat-land of our plateau rests our Pinot Grigio, Gewürztraminer, Chardonnay, and Lemberger varietals. Our vines are nurtured by the ideal soils of the glacial deposits left behind thousands of years ago. We are proud to say that our hand farmed terraces have never seen machinery or crops besides the natural vegitation that once blanketed the hillside. Its hard for us to truly paint the picture of what that means in today's world of highly mechanized commercial vineyards with hundreds of acres of row after row being farmed for contracts to hundreds of different wineries throughout Washington and beyond. We chose to be different. We chose to plant, train, prune, thin, net and harvest our entire vineyard with an artisan approach - just how hundred year old premium vineyards are farmed in Europe and all around the world. vineyards_photo_3.jpgOur high density vineyard forces the vines into intense competition with one another which yields us from one to two bottles of ultra-premium wine per vine. What this means to you is a higher quality wine - In our elegant, crisp, aromatic white wines and rich, lingering, lively red wines.











Bella Terrazza Vineyards | 1260 Lower Sunnyslope Rd, Wenatchee, WA 98801 | (509) 662-9141 | info@bellaterrazzavineyards.com